Pidyon Haben | First-born Redemtion

What is pidyon haben?

30 days After a maternal firstborn male is born(provided that both grandfathers are not a kohen or a Levi)he must be redeemed by a kohen with five sela’im of silver[1](a biblical measurement which equals approximately 94 grams of silver)[2]

The occasion is marked with a large festive meal, where one invites his family and friends to join him in celebrating the Joyus occasion of the fulfillment of this special and relatively rare mitzvah.

To Request a Kohen for the Pidyon Service Call 732-217-7115 or Click here

[1]shulchan arch Yoreh de’ah 305:1

[2]sefer zocher habrit chapter 32:2,3, responsa arrugas habosem yoreh e’ah 239;minchas elazar volume chapter 15